Measure and lift your KPIs for customer success

Cerebri Values are the first universal measure of customer success and are used to drive higher revenue and exceed KPIs with Next Best Actions, generated in real time for millions of individual customers.

Measure and Monetize

Cerebri Values is a patent-pending machine learning model that analyzes each touchpoint in a customer’s entire journey to calculate a single metric quantifying that customer’s commitment to a brand or product at any point in time.

With Cerebri Values you can unify data sets that never talked to each other before, unlocking hidden value. Unleash the power of machine learning to dynamically track billions of data points and apply trillions of calculations to millions of unique customer journeys.

Enable KPIs and Drive Revenue

Cerebri Values enable Next Best Actions (NBAs) that maximize each customer’s commitment to your brand and products, driving KPI achievement and faster revenue growth. Cerebri AI’s NBAs are not just delivered on the website, but at the dealership, the branch, and on the phone.

Our Product: Cerebri Values


Customer Journeys

Ingest data from across the enterprise to build and visualize the complete journeys of millions of individual customers.



Measure each customer journey at every touchpoint with a common denominator. Determine which events actually add value… and which ones do not.


Next Best Actions

Obtain the next best action for each customer to seal the next purchase or cross-sell a new product. Create cohorts for marketing campaigns with customers linked by behavior, not demographics.


Event Store

Organize data with an event-centric view, reflecting the true customer experience.



Classify and relate event data in a way that makes sense for your vertical, allowing you to quickly achieve results.



Deploy on Microsoft Azure behind the corporate firewall. Avoid the personal data limitations of public cloud systems.


Jean Belanger

CEO and Co-Founder

Alain Briançon, PhD

VP Data Science

Jenny Lemieux

VP Product

Arun Prakash

CFO and VP Operations

James Stojanov

VP Customer Success

Alastair MacPhail

VP Marketing


Our lead investor is M12, formerly Microsoft Ventures, the venture capital arm of the leading enterprise technology company and one of the world’s largest AI companies. Our investors provide us with expertise in technological innovation and strategic guidance for the enterprise market. 

Careers at Cerebri AI

At Cerebri AI, we are a team of explorers grounded in common science and years of practice, comfortable in uncharted territories as well as in corporate boardrooms. We are always looking for smart and creative people to join us on our journey.

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